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Ubuntu bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Existing projects on redirect to bzr" [Low,Invalid] james_w: It seems that LP developers just pull your branch, merge it, then push a random version. slytherin: they don't do that, and have I done that? james_w: Then why the current mp I made is not in the branch? there's no current mp I mean, in the history you attached the file to the review and then marked it as a fix-released then a couple of hours later it was done james_w: sorry. I am still a bit confused. I made some changes after james_w fixed the RC bugs. Then what exactly have I to do? slytherin: there was no need to do that slytherin: you can attach the file again and mark it as a fix-committed james_w: Where do I attach it? slytherin: in a comment on the MP slytherin: I'm going to bed, but feel free to ask questions in the morning goodnight james_w: I will be back after having dinner. cjwatson: do you know what "Does not have a Distribution field" means? cjwatson: it's in a partman-target bug i posted today cjwatson: Bug #340538 Launchpad bug 340538 in partman-target "Should allow to configure swap partition" [Undecided,New] and i posted my complete partman.cfg here cjwatson




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Autodata 3.40 Full Crack English elodbai

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